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[Illustration II]Process Work for "The Breast"

The first Illustration II assignment of the semester was to interpret and illustrate one of poems by Russell Edson. When I came across the piece titled "The Breast", I just knew I had to do it (The poem will be posted with the final illustration).

Since my instructor gave us a long while to work on, I took advantage of it by making a ton of thumbnails - 5~10 per each 5 processes. I'd always been too anxious to jump into the final piece and often skipped some processes even, but I'm glad I changed that habit. I really like having a lot of options to choose from.

During the first stage I decided to add Arabian props because I liked the subtle phallic shapes in the motifs. A fortunate decision, since it somewhat made easier for me with color studies. I wanted to keep the "sketchy" feel of the forth stage so I was torn between oil rub and acrylic paint, and after media study I went for acrylic dry brush technique. The final has more of "mural" feel but I'm satisfied nonetheless.

Anyhow, I'd gotten a bit tired of looking at breasts after doing this project which no one thought was ever possible.

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